Wood wick candles burn with a wide flame, gentle glow and an occasional crackle - they are statement candles that are excellent for essential oil diffusion thanks mainly to the wide, low flame that is characteristic of this type of candle. 


Yellow mandarin essential oil is obtained when the fruit is half way mature and full of zesty spirit and sweetness. Because of this it's no surprise the scent is sweet and refreshing, creates an energizing and uplifting environment. When you want to create an atmosphere of positivty and cheerfulness, this is an essential!

wood wick organic yellow mandarin candle

  • made with european soy wax & certified organic essential oils. I take great care in sourcing my materials, which means they are mainly from France & occasionally other EU & Mediterranean regions, so you can be sure that your candle is healthy for you, & made in the most sustainable way.

    available in three sizes - an ultra eco friendly small candle (120g) with +/- 35 hours burn time, a medium twin wick candle (150g) with +/- 25 hours burn time & a large twin wick candle (220g) with +/- 30 hours burn time. 

    because they're handmade with natural ingredients, candles occasionally vary in appearance from the pictures shown :)