Twin flame candles are a beautiful addition to your collection, providing a warm glow from two twinkling flames that's really special. The additional wick also improves the scent throw of your candle so this is really excellent for larger spaces.


Organic eucalyptus with the energizing, woody fragrance of rosemary is earthy and refreshing. The scent takes me back to the stunning Portuguese countryside in the early morning - a faint hint of eucalyptus and rosemary brush on a breeze from the mild atlantic coast before the heat of the day bakes it off!


Eucalyptus re-energizes the mind and helps clarity of thought. Rosemary helps you to focus and sharpens the intellect - this is a powerful blend that will help jump start your life and improve motivation.

twin flame organic rosemary & eucalyptus candle

  • made with european soy wax & certified organic essential oils. I take great care in sourcing my materials, which means they are mainly from France & occasionally other EU & Mediterranean regions, so you can be sure that your candle is healthy for you, & made in the most sustainable way.

    because they're handmade with natural ingredients, candles occasionally vary in appearance from the pictures shown :)