The dark evergreen leaves of organic French laurier have a gorgeous fresh, spicy, slightly peppery scent. As an essential oil it has the benefits of being a nervine and calmative when diffused, which explains why the scent is so uplifting and grounding.

Organic French cypress is said to aid respiratory health by helping stave off infections, assisting the body in removing toxins and relieving nervousness and anxiety. This is my personal favourite scent that reminds me of long forest walks.

organic cypress & laurier european soy candle

  • made with european soy wax & certified organic essential oils. I take great care in sourcing my materials, which means they are mainly from France & occasionally other EU & Mediterranean regions, so you can be sure that your candle is healthy for you, & made in the most sustainable way.

    available in three sizes - an ultra eco friendly small candle (120g) with +/- 35 hours burn time, a medium twin wick candle (150g) with +/- 25 hours burn time & a large twin wick candle (220g) with +/- 30 hours burn time. 

    because they're handmade with natural ingredients, candles occasionally vary in appearance from the pictures shown :)