Woody evergreen organic Moroccan cedar, with the sweet citrus of organic Italian orange - this candle embodies the warm scents of the Mediterranean, to me it's Summer in a jar!


Diffused cederwood oil is said to help soothe asthma and other respiratory discomforts to facilitate relaxed respiration and encourage sleep.  Sweet orange essentail oil has a cheerful and uplifting scent while being simultaneously relaxing and calming, with some studies showing that it helps reduce pulse rate and aid in managing anxiety and depression as part of a holistic approach to balanced living. 

organic cedar & orange european soy candle

  • made with european soy wax & certified organic essential oils. I take great care in sourcing my materials, which means they are mainly from France & occasionally other EU & Mediterranean regions, so you can be sure that your candle is healthy for you, & made in the most sustainable way.

    available in three sizes - an ultra eco friendly small candle (120g) with +/- 35 hours burn time, a medium twin wick candle (150g) with +/- 25 hours burn time & a large twin wick candle (220g) with +/- 30 hours burn time. 

    because they're handmade with natural ingredients, candles occasionally vary in appearance from the pictures shown :)