what is it about candles?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

Maybe it's a throwback to a time when we were more connected to the lizard part of our brain, fascinated by fire and the warmth and security it provides? There's something homely, comforting and cosy about candles. The Dutch would call it 'gezellig', a word there's no direct translation for in English, but means something like comfy, fun and cosy all together. There has to be some reason why, in spite - or perhaps because of - our advanced technology, we're still fascinated by the open flame of a candle? Perhaps it reconnects us back to our past, from the moment we graduated from being a missing link to being something more? When we adopted fire as part of our family, fed it, gathered round and shared a meal in it's warmth. Maybe an open flame on a candle reminds us who we really are deep down...just beings trying to get through life in the most comfortable way we can, something we surely share with all living things?

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