Candles for a cause - helping children in the Ukrainian War

I'm writing this on impulse on the fly so bear with me.

This morning I was appalled to read that the first children have been killed due to Russian led military activities in Ukraine this week. I'm going to be honest and tell you that this morning I literally wept with a feeling of hopelessness hearing that not one but three, and likely soon more, children lost their lives during military operations they had no say in. I watched videos of families and communities huddling underground, hiding from explosions and gunfire. Hearing a dog barking in the background of the tunnel, and then my own dogs barking in the garden not far away.

I don't pretend to be a very intelligent person so I don't know the background that much, I don't know why the disagreement happened, why Putin decided to invade or what can be done about ending the situation. I'm also just a small person with nothing in the world to offer and a strong cynicism about the modern world - can any of us make a difference? I don't know - but I think maybe it's important to try?

My thought today was - 'what can I do to help?'. I live simply, my costs are small. I don't need much except some basics like food, dog food and diesel so I'm ok, I don't have any spare money to donate myself though as I am living on my own savings setting up my new life and that will run out this year.

What I do have though are candles and candle making supplies. This is not some scheme to get rich off the back of a terrible conflict - this is a genuine desire to give and maybe help keep a child safe. I will do this with transparency and announce my sales and donations as they come in, and I have to be honest that since Christmas I haven't made any sales - January is a slow month anyway and people are just focused on other things, plus I've been busy setting up my life from scratch.

My proposal is this - I can offer my candles to you and donate everything but the production and postage costs to the Emergency Fund created by Save the Children. I truly believe there are more important things in life than making money. Though I am not trying to gain profit, definitely I need the costs of buying the raw materials back or I wouldn't be able to make more candles, but the extra I can donate and maybe help keep these kids a little bit safer with your help. Maybe nothing will happen and nobody will participate? Then again, maybe you will?

If you buy a candle I will be thrilled to report the donation confirmation amount on my modest social media channels so you can keep track of what's happening and hold me accountable. And whenever you burn your candle, you can do it knowing that your action went towards helping an innocent kid somewhere in this terrible conflict.

So for the children of Ukraine I am launching my own initiative - Candles for a cause. When I make a sale I will deduct the candle making costs (jar, wax, essential oil, stickers, postage - things like that) and make a donation to the Emergency Fund of Save the Children found via this link.

Of course you don't need to buy a candle to participate, you can make a one time donation of any amount or set something else up. I like Save the Children as a charity as 86% of the donation made funds the cause directly, rather than paying some high ranking persons salary.


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